Our rental cars are of low price and good quality.
Free transportation from Ishigaki Airport to the rental car office is included.
From our rental car office to the airport
You can explore the beautiful nature as soon as you arrive in about 15 minutes.

car rental ishigaki
rent a car isihigaki

From ¥6,000/day
includes car insurance
5door compact
capacity: 5 people

car rental ishigaki

From ¥10,300/day
includes car insurance
capacity: 5 people

rent a car ishigaki

April 25th to May 10th,
From June 20th to September 30th
High season rate:
 ¥2,200 per day
will be added.

car rental ishigaki

We provide free shuttle service to the airport.

We will arrange transportation to and from your hotel 
as much as possible, so please contact us.

When booking a rental car
・Desired rental days
・Desired car model
・how many people
・airplane flight number
・arrival time
Please tell us.

Please make the payment when you rent a car.

Acceptable credit cards
Diners Club

When foreigners rent a car in Japan,
It is mandatory to present an
 international driving license and passport.

If you have a foreign license and want to drive in Japan, 
you must have one of the following licenses:

Regular domestic driver's license 
(for those residing in Japan)

International driving license
 (issued by countries that are members
 of the Geneva Convention based on the Geneva Convention)
Foreign driving license (Switzerland, Germany, France, 
Taiwan, Belgium, Monaco)For reservations and inquiries, 

please contact us via this email.

[email protected]




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car rental ishigaki

Terms of service

An international driver's license that can be used in Japan is required.

Prices include car insurance fees.
Personal compensation: unlimited
Property damage: unlimited
Personal injury compensation: 30 million yen/1 person

Cases not covered by insurance

Accidents and breakdowns that fall under the following items
 are not covered by any compensation system.
The cost of compensation for the accident,
damage to the vehicle, and repair costs
will be borne by the customer.
Please be careful.

1.Drinking alcohol, driving without a license

2. Significant dirt inside the car, such as vomit,
strange smells, water, sand, mud, pen stains, etc.

3. Smoking inside the car

4. Damaged tires, punctures, lost or damaged hubcaps

5. Lost the key

6. Malfunction due to incorrect fuel type

7. If you drive on a road other than a road,
such as an unpaved road, seaside, sandy beach, or riverbed.

8. Scratches and damage to the vehicle body caused by branches,
etc. after driving through forests, bushes, etc.

9. If you were not wearing your seatbelt

10. If you do not report to the police from the accident scene

11. If you fail to contact us from the accident scene

12. If you arbitrarily negotiate a settlement
 with the other party in the accident

13. If the vehicle exceeds the passenger capacity

14・Accident caused by a driver
other than the person listed in the contract

15・If used in violation of other insurance terms and conditions

16・Other serious negligence by the driver
(speeding, ignoring traffic lights, etc.)

17・Damage or damage to in-vehicle equipment

18.Cracked and damaged glass due to
 flying objects such as flying stones

19. Accident where the other vehicle
cannot be identified (hit and run)

20. Towing costs, undercarriage inspection,
and repair costs if you get stuck on a sandy beach,
 muddy, or other rough road.

21・Redo costs if repairs are made at a factory
other than our designated factory without our permission.

22・Damage to vehicles due to flooding from typhoons and heavy rains

23・Battery dead

24・Key confinement, in-lock

In the event of an accident, 
be sure to contact the police and obtain an accident certificate.
Please be sure to contact us from the site.

About non-operation charge 
(NOC/vehicle suspension compensation)

If your vehicle is damaged due to an accident or damage, 
you are obligated to pay a compensation fee as part of the 
compensation for the vehicle's suspension during 
the repair period, regardless of the size of the damage.
   Self-propelled | Cost: ¥50,000
Vehicle cannot be self-propelled | Fee: ¥100,000

The charm of Ishigaki Island

The northern part of Ishigaki Island, where we live, is full of nature 
that cannot be found in downtown Ishigaki City.
It is a place where you can feel at ease and where time passes slowly.
We look forward to seeing you there.

ishigaki car rental
rent a car ishigaki
car rental ishigaki
rent a car ishigaki
car rental ishigaki
rent a car ishigaki
石垣島 レンタカー
car rental ishigaki
ishigaki car rental
rent a car ishigaki
ishigaki car rental